Plumbing Service

Serving the entire South Shore with quality plumbing services, W.E. Stanley Plumbing and Heating does it all. From new additions and new homes to upgrades and repairs, we are specialists in all areas of residential plumbing and select small commercial jobs. We bring 35 years of experience to the table, offering free estimates, competitive pricing, and professional service.

Kitchen Plumbing

Your kitchen is the lifeblood of your home, so it needs to stay functional and operational so you don't miss a beat. We handle:

  • Garbage Disposals
  • Gas Appliances
  • Appliance Hookups
Water Heaters

Bathroom Plumbing

Another vital area of the home is the bathroom, where everything from your sinks and showers to your washing machine and dryer are located. We offer:

  • Digital Showers
  • Toilett Repairs
  • Unclogg Drains
  • Pipe repairs and fittings

Water Heaters and Gas Pipes

You don't think much about your hot water until it's gone. Need a new one or some repairs to your existing one? We can do that. We also handle all manner of gas pipes and fittings to ensure your total satisfaction.

Gas Pipe/ Fittings | Water Heaters

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